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I am presently not accepting any new clients.

If you are looking to add an easy online shopping cart to your site which offers features such as: automatic delivery of file download links; location-based sales tax, VAT and shipping calculation; packaging calculator; discounts; inventory management; price verification; affiliate program management; managing buyer mailing list; variable pricing; central product management; promotions; accepting checkout payments using PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, etc. -- then you should look into the outfit with whom I've been contracting lately:

Shopping Cart by E-junkie
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

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Why do you need a website?

A website allows you to reach and cater to current and potential clientele who have Internet access - a generally younger, better educated, and more financially secure demographic group than the remaining "offline" public. This significant and desirable portion of the population will often "do their homework" before committing to an informed decision, and also often appreciates having a means by which to contact you or independently look up information about you without having to drop by or phone in person.

Even if you are not yet interested in, or quite ready for, operating a sophisticated "shopping cart" e-commerce website (although modern solutions do make this easier than ever to set up and manage), even a basic informational website provides you an opportunity to present a brochure as thick, illustrative, and informative as you like, all at the convenient beck and call of the savviest members of the public, giving them anything and everything that they might want to know about you, or that you might want them to know, all at their very fingertips. You might think that if you can't compel them to contact you in person, you might not get the chance to win their patronage; however, without a website to meet the the public's needs and expectations the way they increasingly want and expect them to be met, you may well have already lost them to an online competitor from the very start.

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