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Elegant, Efficient, Modern Web Design

Why choose for your Web design needs?

Simply having a Web site is one thing, valuable in itself, as described in more detail on my homepage. If you already have a Web site, congratulations, you're already on the right track. If you don't have a Web site yet, you're missing out on one of the most effective & cost-efficient media for marketing, one which reaches many of your most desirable customers, putting in their hands & heads a wealth of information about you. Having a Web site is rapidly becoming a "must" for any modern business; having an elegantly attractive, modern, distinctive, quick-loading, easily-maintained & highly usable Web site is even better, for self-evident reasons.

Translating your established identity to the Web

You may already have an "image" that you wish to retain & leverage as a recognizable identity. Whether your established image is rendered in business cards & letterhead, or as a distinctive "sticks'n'bricks" storefront or office, or a complete branding complement with corporate typeface, color scheme, motifs, etc., you want a Website that matches the distinctive look with which your clientele is already familiar, & that is exactly the kind of site you will get from

Even if you are bootstrapping yourself on a shoestring budget or building on a modest but sound foundation & may not have developed such a distinct visual identity yet, your site should still reflect who & what you are, & the site you get here will serve quite well as a basis for thematic consistency into the future.

Well-tempered breadth & depth of experience's Webmaster has over four years of in-depth experience with Web development, having worked for a leading independent ISP as their corporate Webmaster &, before that, as their WebTech (Website Hosting Support Technician). This experience, "tempered by fire" in troubleshooting & correcting some of the most difficult problems & errors possible in Web coding, design & hosting, brings to your Web project a degree of expertise & savvy regarding best practices & "what works" versus "what not to do" which is not easily matched elsewhere.

Flexible site designs where visitors can "run what they've brung"

You've probably seen other sites that say something like, "Best viewed at 1200x1600 with Überbrowser v9.5 on 6+GHz CPU" or cast somesuch similar arrogant demand or aspersion upon their site's viewers. Do they really expect people to launch a different browsing program, or change their monitor resolution, or even buy a newer computer or bigger monitor, just to look at their site? Perhaps that attitude is excusable with a personal or hobby site, where they can afford to tick off a few potential visitors, to accommodate whiz-bang "toys" or novice site-development skills. However, when the success of your organization is at stake, you can't afford to turn anyone away if you can help it. Would you put a sign on the front door of your store or office reading, "Best shopped at 6' tall with rose-colored glasses"? Ridiculous.

Now try this: Click here to reduce the size of this browser window to 640x480 pixels - the same size as a maximized window on a still-common 14" monitor (yes, this is admittedly a JavaScript trick, so it won't work if you've disabled your browser's JavaScript, but at least this site doesn't depend on it to merely function properly!). Notice how the page layout "shrinks" to fit the window size? No, there's no trickery here instructing your browser to do anything "special" at that size; it's just good, sound, flexible page-coding. Wait, it gets better...

Now click & hold your mouse cursor on the lower-right corner of this window, & then drag that corner around to change the shape & size of the window. Notice how the page layout expands & contracts to fit whatever window size it's in, as if made of rubber? You can rest assured that your Web site will work & look good on most every visitor's computer, regardless of computer brand, browser program, monitor size, etc. - visitors can simply "run what they've brung" already, & your site will "just work" without unsightly blank spaces, nor running off the side, nor contrived browser-detection scripting, nor demands to change browsing habits.

Leveraging common browsing habits - yours, mine & your visitors' alike

If you surf the Web often enough, your eyes have become accustomed to ignoring anything flashing, blinking, or otherwise moving, presuming such to be advertisements. You want to focus on the content, to find & acquire the information that you seek as efficiently as possible. You don't want to waste your time or attention on decorative animations that, at best, simply do nothing to help you find or understand the information you seek &, indeed, may distract or deter you from that objective.

You've probably also developed a tendency to avoid annoying sites that are too irritating to look at, too difficult to find your way around in, too slow to load, or which seem to slow your snappy, modern computer down to a snail's pace; you refuse to put up with sites that waste your time like that, so you simply leave & don't return.

Now consider visitors to your own site; why should their browing habits & tendencies differ from yours or mine? They are at your site to find information about you & your offerings, & they want it nice & snappy, so why would you want to implement any distracting, disorienting, "busy" Web proposal that stands in your visitors' way?

Presenting you favorably, from your visitors' perspective

Your site's visitors are the ones using your site, so their perspectives, needs, habits, & expectations should be foremost in the site's design. Any apparently "exciting" Web site proposal that aims to impress you initially with a lot of gee-whizbang gimmickry but which, in actual effect, discourages real-world visitors from ever coming back (let alone exploring the site further & learning more about you) isn't worth the money you might pay someone else for your Web development or hosting.

Conversely, an elegantly attractive, professional, & distinctively appealing Web site by, which loads quickly & lets your visitors find out everything they need to know (giving you the opportunity to tell them everything you want them to know), as quickly & efficiently as possible, will have visitors coming back for more, ringing your telephone, & beating a path to your doorstep.

Fat-free Web sites built to be fast, lean, attractive & usable

Website design by fulfills the above stated criteria using mature, modern, standards-compliant, widely-compatible & efficient HTML coding & Web design solutions (including optimized custom graphics & Cascading Style Sheets) -- fully handcrafted (manually-coded) to provide optimal page-loading & -rendering performance & avoid the "code bloat" & other pitfalls endemic to the page-building helper programs upon which many developers rely.

This approach avoids pointless "dancing baloney" eye-candy techniques (e.g., superfluous Flash & GIF animations, Java applets & JavaScript/DHTML tricks) that some developers may use simply becuase they think it looks "cool" (& conveniently pads their timeslips & invoices with extra, time-consuming work) without considering your needs or those of your site's visitors. Even worse, such gimmickry generally only drives real-world site visitors away from a site, by making pages take too long to load, too demanding of their computer's capacity, too distracting, annoying, or just plain difficult to use or even look at for any length of time. Visitors who are annoyed or frustrated with such a bloated, clumsy site will not stick around to read more about you, & they certainly won't return.

A quick-loading, easily-navigable & professionally attractive Web site by will please your site's visitors & encourage them to stick around, to return for more &, most importantly, to actually do business with you.

Helping visitors find & discover your site

Upon whole-site project completion, we will perform free site URL submissions to these major search engines & Web directories: Google (included in Yahoo! search results), MSN Search/Inktomi (the default search used within Internet Explorer), Alta Vista, Open Directory (used by AOL, Netscape & many others), Lycos/HotBot, & All the Web (FAST). We also offer this service on an a la carte basis, billed as one (1) nominal hour of support.

These are the fundamental objectives of effective website development at

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