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Reasonable Rates

FREE Initial Consultation:

Discuss your project proposal and get an estimate, all at no cost to you!

Rates for Whole-Site Web Design

To construct a new site or renovate an existing site:
Hourly Rate: <-OR-> Piecework Flat Rate:
$40.00 per hour $200.00 homepage setup (initial layout development including first page*)
+$50.00 each add'l page*

Piecework flat rates are only available for a standardized approach, adapting predeveloped layout code with custom text formatting & graphics to tailor the appearance of the site to your organization.

Upon whole-site project completion, we will perform free site URL submissions to major search engines & Web directories: Google (included in Yahoo! search results), MSN Search/Inktomi (the default search used within Internet Explorer), Alta Vista, Open Directory (used by AOL, Netscape & many others), Lycos/HotBot, & All the Web (FAST). We also offer this service on an a la carte basis, billed as one (1) nominal hour of support.

Rates for Maintenance, Support or Consulting (for Web sites or Macintosh):

Standard Rate:

  • $40.00 per hour.

Retainer Rates:

Save up to 20% by purchasing blocks of hourly time in advance. Purchase as many hours as you need in advance & then use those hours when you are ready for upgrades, editing, support, or maintenance.**
  • $180.00 for 5 hours
  • $350.00 for 10 hours
  • $500.00 for 15 hours
  • $650.00 for 20 hours
  • $800.00 for 25 hours

Payment Information:

Please issue your checks as payable to Tyson F Nuss, & mail your payment to the postal address shown in the left margin of this page.
Billing Notes:

* billing will define a Page as a discrete HTML document or portion thereof as received by a Web browser & rendered within up to no more than twice the display area of a maximized Web browser window at 800x600-pixel monitor resolution; e.g., a single HTML document requiring 2-3 presses of the PgDn key to display fully would count as 2 Pages, & two HTML documents displaying within half a browser-screenful each would also count as 2 Pages. Client is expected to provide in electronic format, or separately arrange for, edited text copy & other media collateral to be used on the site; time required to write/edit text copy or create/manipulate graphics supplementary to the site's fundamental "look & feel" (visual layout apppearance) will be billed at the hourly rate.

** Hours from prepaid retainer blocks of time may not be applied towards whole-site development, nor may such hours retroactively be applied towards work already performed prior to purchase of the prepaid block.

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